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In a podcast recently, probably NodeUP, there was some discussion about how much more readable console output can be when it has a bit of colour. I heartily agree – distinctive colours allow my visual firmware to very reliably distinguishing different blocks of text; more reliably than layout alone.

By “visual firmware” I am talking about the parts of the brain involved in the pre-attentive process of visual scene segmentation.

I care about effective pre-attentive processing because it means my cerebral cortex gets a far better indexed set of visual data, so I can avoid some of the conscious cognitive load of manually distinguishing the different things I am looking at. Facilitating effective pre-attentive processing is a bit like adding a GPU to a computer: graphics processing can happen separately from the CPU, leaving more clock cycles for general processing.

So, when I was reminded today that some functionality is being added to our command line client, I immediately set out to figure out how to get nice command-line colours across all the platforms the client can run on. ANSI escape codes do not work on a standard Windows console, so I was pretty sure something more would be needed. This looks like the solution: Jansi, a library that allows Java console output to use ANSI escape codes in Windows as well.