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I was browsing through Node.js® Reactions and came across Setting highWaterMark way too low: (trigger warning: someone does something silly and looks like they got a bit bruised in the head/knees/shins areas).

I found it immediately hilarious, then realized there was something called highWaterMark of which I was utterly ignorant! Seeking enlightenment, I set out into the open Internet. I did not have far to search, and soon found myself alighting gently on A New Streaming API for Node v0.10, and was instantly swept up in reading. I had not read long when my eyes fell upon a most wonderful sentiment:

“Being better than the next guy isn’t enough; we have to be the best imaginable.”

I had to stop, smile, and let that sink in for a while; highWaterMark all but forgotten*. This is a world I am happy to be a part of.

* I did later find highWaterMark; it is an option for streams that sets the maximum number of bytes to store in the internal buffer before ceasing to read from the underlying resource.